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Huntington Beach Cabinets & Remodeling offers a full array of home remodeling services. We love helping our homeowners not only with the build, but from the very start, the design process. Since 1985 they have hundreds of satisfied clients that they have done amazing home remodeling project for, such as room additions, custom kitchens and bathroom remodeling. The most popular additions in Orange County today are great rooms, kitchen expansions, family room additions, adding bedrooms and master suites. There is also a rise in building Grandma Suites as the code has changed pertaining to these and they are no allowed in most areas if room permits.

Meet the Owner:   Hello there, I am Marc Daigneault, owner of HB Cabinets & Remodeling and I would love to meet you at your home and offer you a free professional consultation for your home remodeling project. Not only do I offer home additions & second story room additions, but I am also a cabinet professional. I own a large custom cabinet shop located in Huntington Beach (Surf City) in Orange County, CA. Give me a call and see how I can help you make your dreams come true!

Room Additions

When considering a home addition you must first establish a budget and design. That is where hiring a deisign-build company comes into play. We will work hard to assist you in your design process and then set a budget for the job completion while offering you a full  contract with a guaranteed price in writing.

Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinets

We are Kitchen Experts! A kitchen is more than just cabinets. You must take into consideration when planning your kitchen design the type of wood you are using for the cabinets, door style, stain or paint colors, counter top surfaces and materials along with the flooring color and wall paint. A nice full height backsplash always looks great in any kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

A good bathroom remodeling contractor can be the difference in “just another bathroom remodel”… or a beautiful extension of your home. We know lots of secrets and ideas to make your new bathroom look great. Give us call and we will share these ideas with you.

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