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Premier Orange County Remodeling Contractor License #652520

Premier Orange County Remodeling Contractor License #652520

Premier Orange County Remodeling Contractor License #652520 Premier Orange County Remodeling Contractor License #652520 Premier Orange County Remodeling Contractor License #652520

Customer Testimonial

Room Addition

Linda Barris

This was a major project taking many months of demolition, construction, and finishing. I'm so glad we went with Marc. His wealth of knowledge helped us design the addition (which had some unique challenges due to the shape of the lot). Once we got past the City's building permit process, the building process went well. Marc kept things moving along, and was either on site or was a quick phone call away. He's amazingly well organized! We always knew exactly where we were in the process and who would be showing up to do the work. The project required a lot of work by subcontractors, and he's picked his subs with care. We never had a problem with any of the subs -- which isn't typical of a job this large -- and they all turned out excellent work. Marc was very patient answering questions and listened carefully to my ideas. He never hesitated to speak up (nicely) when his experience told him there might be a flaw in my latest grand idea. In the end, we absolutely love the addition. Although you might find someone to do it cheaper, it's not worth the headaches of the all-too-common contractor shenanigans. We would not hesitate to hire him again. In fact, I don't think Marc every advertises for work as he's word of mouth reputation is sterling.


Customer Testimonial

Kitchen Remodel

Ralph Weil

We could not be happier with our remodel and Marc’s work and professionalism. Marc is patient, helpful, excellent communicator and knowledgeable to work with throughout the entire project. Return phone calls promptly. He always shows up on time. When subcontractors were required to do a certain part of a job, Marc always met the sub contactor at our house on the first day of the job to make sure they knew what was to be done and after their job was done, Marc would check again to make sure it was. As with any project there are sometimes unforeseen issues or problems, Marc always had an acceptable solution. Marc is fair, conscientious and does what he says he will do and his prices are very fair. I’m a do-it-selfer who prefers to do projects myself because I am very particular and want things to be done to perfection the right way. I will tackle any project but some are too large such as our remodel. At the beginning of our remodel there were several phases that I was going to do myself. But after observing Marc’s work at the beginning of our project, I had Marc do the areas that I was going to do because of his attention to detail and doing work the right way. No short cuts. Marc is the owner of his company working with his son. The advantage of working with owner operator contractor is you communicate directly with the boss and the owner is doing the work, not middlemen with larger contractors such as salesman and multiple crews. My preference is always to hire this type of contractor. Even after this rather large project has been completed, I have a few future projects that I was considering do myself. Now I will hire Marc to them. I would not hesitate to hire Marc again! Best contractor I have ever hired and I’m in my 70’s.


Customer Testimonial

ADU Addition

Greg Ozdinski

Very well, HBC remodeling was referred to me by a neighbor and I must say I was very happy I used Marc. I interviewed other contractors and HBC Remodeling was the most professional and the follow-up was excellent. The quality of work was excellent.